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Successful campaign at Kickstarter


In November 2017, the Wood Trick team successfully completed their project on the crowdsfunding platform Kickstarter.

Kickstarter-site for attracting funds for the implementation of creative, scientific and production projects by the scheme of crowdfunding (that is, voluntary donations). Kickstarter finances a variety of projects, such as the creation of films of independent cinema of the United States comics, video games, music, etc.

The method of collective fund-raising used on the site is called "crowdfunding". Kickstarter facilitates the collection of cash by creating a model that can be better than traditional ways of investing. Anyone who wants to receive funding must register and post a description of the project at Kickstarter. Kickstarter contains recommendations on which projects will be adopted.

The project owner must specify the period and the minimum amount of funds to be collected. If the project has not collected the necessary amount of funds by a certain date, the money is returned to the sponsors. Money is collected with Amazon Payments.

The main goal of the company was to raise funds for the production of new models: Forklift and Big Rig with car and tanker trailers.

At the end of the campaign, the board game "Three Little Pigs" was also presented, the components of which are completely assembled from plywood.