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Assembly tips

Hold the card face-to-face, when you are squeezing out details. With the withdrawal, serifs can form on the plywood, so leave the front side flat. To ensure that the serifs do not form, gently trim the joints of parts with a common card with a knife. In case the toothpick does not penetrate into the particularly narrow holes, you can slightly sand it with sandpaper or smear a piece of candle.

Gears and other parts that serve as part of the mechanism, must be thoroughly grinded, before removing the projecting notches, and grease with wax. This is necessary so that when the mechanism moves, the parts do not cling to each other, and move evenly.

In the event that some mechanism does not work, disassemble it and carefully lubricate it with wax. Carefully read the instructions, which parts should be lubricated. If you process wax with parts that do not need it, the mechanism can malfunction.

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